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WiraCorp, the leading Indonesian Food distribution in USA. They carry wide range of Indonesian Food: Indonesian Chilies (ABC), Coffee, tea (tea kotak), crackers, Noodle (indomie - Mie Goreng), Soy Sauce (Kecap Manis ABC) and more..

Company Description
WIRA CO Company Information:
1633 W. 2ND ST
POMONA, CA 91766
909-629-1988 (p)
909-629-1977 (f)

WiraCorp History:
"Wira Corp inherited long tradition of good etiquette. As is previous owner, the strong belief in maintaining trust and good relationship with both customers and partners are the utmost importance"

Source: http://www.wiracorp.com/?s=static&scode=S001§ion=aboutus
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